The Role of Healthy Cookware in Cooking Healthy Food

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What makes your food healthy? The presence of essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and then way more... however have you ever ever thought-about what role your cooking utensil plays? Studies have found that common metal and ceramic cooking utensil not solely have an effect on the organic process worth of food however conjointly build it toxic . need to seek out out how? Keep reading...

The most normally used materials for creating cooking utensil square measure stainless-steel, aluminum, cast iron, and ceramic. whereas they're used wide, they're not the simplest selection. they're not all too harsh on nutrients however conjointly leach chemicals into food whereas change of state. Food gets contaminated and causes health issues once consumed frequently.

When change of state is current, heat acts as a catalyst and metals like Al, iron, nickel, magnesium, molybdenum, lead react with the element molecules, the atomic number 1 molecules, and nutrients that square measure within the sort of halogens, acids, and bases. These toxins get assimilated with food and square measure sent to each cells and organs in body. They not solely weaken the system however conjointly cause chronic health issues.

Also, whereas change of state in these metal or ceramic pots, the warmth is just too harsh and causes serious injury to the nutrients and cooks by dissolving them instead of conserving them intact. to boot, soluble nutrients evaporate as steam.

The result -- food contaminated with toxins and lacking in organic process worth. you'll be able to hardly imagine the intense injury done to your health once you keep intense such food frequently for a protracted time. Worried? Let's specialise in the answer.

A Viable Different

The solely viable different may be a material that's not only 100 percent non-toxic however can even keep the organic process worth of food intact whereas change of state. Recently, clay has gathered some quality as a healthier different. however few individuals square measure aware that so as to create cooking utensil from clay through any mechanized method, it must be treated chemically. Like metal cooking utensil, these leach toxins into food whereas change of state and defy the full purpose of mistreatment clay.

Read about a straightforward and reliable home take a look at to spot what's activity from your cookware?

It is necessary that the clay used is 100 percent pure and free from any quite chemicals. Tests have shown that food parched in pure clay pots is free from toxins. however this can be not the sole profit. Such pots generate a singular far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into food and is distributed equally while not damaging the nutrients.

Also, the steam may be managed well with associate degree technology style of pot and lid. It will unambiguously permit steam to flow into within and let food cook with its own steam pressure. With straight walls of the pot, if it's created in concentric circles with associate degree inner flute on the lid and a cool bottom of a knob can leave steam to rise, get condensed and drop right back to the pot. This doesn't permit the soluble nutrients to evaporate as steam. not like metal pots, the warmth created in pure clay pots is food-friendly. It cooks food gently by spreading out equally to each grain of food.

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